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currently taking apps for my third net celbrating the best show ever
right over here

queue is on from midnight to noon est

botm for august:


birthday on
aug 18 !!

workshop starts aug 11

classes start
aug 28

feed me strawberry flavored sweets please


hover over tsun taiga pls_

hey hey my name is kiki, but im irl aisaka taiga, so you can call me that as well. you've come across my cool blog, congrats

this is a personal blog, so expect some deredere moments and my useless text posts

im a full-time weeb, so expect lots of animanga, as well as other things, more information on that over here; there's also links and other things for your venturing pleasure

I also run a monochrome blog and transparent blog, check them out if you'd like

✧ orange - toradora ost
✧ flower drops - hanatan
✧ yume no sunrise - unbreakable
machine doll ost
✧ your love will surely skyrocket -
megpoid gumi
✧ bye bye - 7!!

I enjoy talking to people, please talk to me about video games like loz and pkmn, kpop/kdramas, shoujo and sports manga, and any anime in general, my ask is always open also I give out free balloons or cookies whichever you prefer
also please check my archive before following

hello this is your captain speaking

♡ ♡ ♡

☆ ☆ ☆

✦ ✦ ✦
#pokemon #homika #venipede #kamitsure #emolga #elesa #roxie #1k

Jul. 11th
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