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mopon whispered: I joined Tumblr when I was 17 or so and I am now 22. And I don't plan on stopping blogging. The only reason I could see for you to stop is if you just didn't want to do it anymore.

I’ve been on here for almost four or five years, but recently I’ve thinking in which direction I want my life to go in (philosophical stuff yeah lol)

Back when I used to go on forums and talked to the coolest people on earth (yoonie, finch, tamar, josh, you guys know who you are c: ) I only thought of this place as a hobby. But I don’t want to think that “growing up” means having to give up my blog where I can learn more about the things I like and share them with other people.

Or course there will always be people who’ll think that something like this can be thrown out and I’ll forget about my time here or whatever, and I don’t know if I’ll want to continue in the future or if I’ll even be able to, but for now I’ll keep on blogging and enjoy myself ^^




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crunchyboss said: Our relationship is like the under-the-table jr high note passing all secretly and spy-like = u = discrete and quiet but full of gross middle school hearts ♡

yes with muffled laughter and obnoxious loveydovey looks


crunchyboss said: /fluffyglompsyouuuu


"I’ve made my point. So, don’t cling to me anymore!"



do people above the age of say 21 or 23 stay on this site? I mean I’m turning 20 later this year but I still feel 17 ugh and I was thinking would I ever leave this site, or at least be less devoted than I am now?

Thinking about it realistically I probably will, but I really love the people here and this site is more than just killing time to me.

I just hope that when the time comes I’ll have found something else to replace the joy talking to you guys gives me pfft like that’ll happen you’re all irreplaceable and I love you


Comic based on paradigmation's awesome Airline!AU. Check it out here and here.

…. I’m very sorry.


the best thing about sleeping is the delaying of your responsibilities